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Affirmative Families Network Webinar Series

Starting 10Dec, TGLF in collaboration with The Affirmative People

( will be presenting monthly webinars to enrich our community's wellbeing.

Register for yourself at and be enriched with the knowledge from Dean Ng, an award winning transformational health coach for the first of the series - "Top 5 Myths you need to know about reversing the 3 highs!"

In this webinar, you will learn from an expert who has been supporting others globally to reverse their chronic conditions. This is a must-attend session if you or your loved ones are trying to cope with any of the 3 highs; high cholesterol, high blood pressure or high sugar/diabetes. By the end of the session, you will be crystal clear about:

+ the 5 critical mistakes that people make when they are ‘managing’ the 3 highs

+ your Affirmative Health Quotient, an integrated approach to exceptional health

+ how to increase your body intuition

Join us on 10 Dec 8pm via zoom (registration required) and design a better blueprint to exponentially improve your health and wellbeing.

Who Should Attend

Mature adults who :

- Are on medications for any of the 3 highs: High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and High Blood Sugar

- Are keen to gain clarity on how to optimise good health

- Knows the importance of boosting their immune system

- Have tried various supplements and/or other forms of health advice but do not see much improvements in their health outcomes

About The Speaker

Dean Ng

Transformational Health and International Award Winning WildFit® Coach

Dean Ng is on a mission to raise awareness and transform the approach towards health and aging. With her background in gerontology and nutrition, Dean dispenses up to date practical knowledge that empowers a global community of impactful achievers to experience their peak health, re-examine their purpose and create a legacy. She supports her clients globally through crisis and struggles to redesign life with new found zest, redefine aging, their relationship with food as well as with their body and others around them.

Here's a preview of the upcoming webinars

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